GOT TO GO. See U ALL Friends

P.S: Many of hundreds years ago chinese invented a martial web art called sun ku

I See and when they touched your Freedom? Many of hundreds years ago chinese invented….END

When did you get this MONSTER ONE IDEIAS? Start when they touch my freedom!

this way I can hand to shake his hand or give him a hug

Psychiatrists and physicians from around the World resolve through revolutionary methods such as Stop the virus from Filipe Moura Sá and already have the line and scissors to mouth … you already know or come to come to good or evil … with this discovery madness may be threatened

many keys to express myself and went right from the key you want to express …

Project on Global Internet Censorship – Spies will penetrate the social network and steal the keys of keyboards or keypads … qwertys azertys will disappear but the imagination never steal that identity even engaged in data protection in banks and beware of phishing because it fishing letters on your keyboard … is the madness of fresh fish.

I’m thinking that in the future the mafia digital instead of cutting the little finger will have to cut off the hands of staff by the treachery online …

Until the Town Hall clock Estarreja hits better than me … is still true, but is correct twice a day … do not come here a lightning strike that lightning and everything in motion as in back to the future I do not hit … is evil, because I’m not cuckoo in the head, but no bags because no closes the right trip …

Government admits cutting budgets in extreme sports, will take to the elastic bungee jumping … Government officials and other parliamentary groups are the first to jump to attest radicalism … Week radical in government, measures that impact!

THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT AND DO NOT WRITE IN LIFE WITHOUT KNOWING err READ multiplication tables – Amazing and they are human?! There are the Ninja Turtles, while the XOR Doctor reads the Financial Times but only reads the graphics …. they read your person upside down 

legs in the air that there will be an assault on finance in London in time that you could only see puppets and people who read the newspapers also strangely unlike know whether or not you’ve been studying a way to learn on-the-dolls away …

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