#Hashashin is a #hashtag #high

rate a #bugsfunny

i rabbit to be funny

I´m that kind of artist that fucks art´s

take one coffee that will pass it´s ok they say

Red Cappucino and the wolf

how can i expresso more italiano

I think is an error bug because i have said infinitive words have written words and there are people who says 1.000 words in life and amén . so if you don´t know me who do you know

I recommend one stage I Was there 5 times and i refuse to eat i said i only eat fruit that follows on floor don´t like butter and stranwberrie juice and milk, so my name is lord of light this is true.

to go to hong kong meet king kong invite him for ping pong

Change mode: LE BONNE TSE TUNG


one ball steel another ball wood half robocop half pinochio half staline half stallone

because on good lie it sorrounded for 1.000 lies and 1 true lies is true

sometimes i catch one true in 1.000 lies

1ooo lies = 1trust . – who lies once may lies all life and put all life in game

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