Was someone No one is In addition to being, Live, suffer, Win and Like the Be.

No one, but No one loves Another addition

Never, in one day In that, but Especially learned Not omit And feel and No lie, because, Lived!

Tied, Laced and Always a Innocent Sentenced Or, not only

Suffer Is my Soul THE a Supposed To, Existentially Friend who In hurts and Even in the Leads to die

My Tagus See myself Dipped Saved and sunk One sin Be and feel As tied to A State! Only I In one

Why the Longing? The window closed Where is the cold A margin This my River Of Almargem

Torture, A pure soul! I am not, sorry If I’m strange, but My well Drown me

If it were Was Not The same image That is, without Any An eternal landscape Trip.

Do not know why But I feel it, as I anguish To suffer the Meu fado, playing The Longing. The guitar plays Winding the sounds

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